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A few important info to make your life easier:

May 12th: Print order deadline

All orders for prints and packages must be placed by midnight on Tuesday, May 11th. This will ensure that all prints arrive at St. Matthew’s to be distributed before the end of the school year. 

May 18th: Gallery expires

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Can you help me?

I would be honored to be able to use the photos of your little one in my portfolio and on social media. It’s how I can show the world what I love to do! This is completely optional. No images will be shared for any reason unless the form is completed

Thank you so much!


How many photos will I see?

Unlike traditional school photos, this time you will have choices.
Each child will have a gallery of 5-10 images in both color and black and white.
You get to choose which ones you want to order!

What are the order deadline?

Tuesday May 11th - Print order deadline. All print & package orders must be placed before midnight on this day. In order to guarantee that all prints arrive at the school on time, there can be no exceptions to this deadline.

Tuesday May 18th - Final day for digital image orders. Only single images for $25 and full albums for $65 will be available for order. All final orders must be placed and all digital images must be downloaded. The gallery will be closed at midnight on this day. There is a $10 fee to re-open the gallery for any reason.

What is the cost?

The packages and individual items for purchase are priced with affordability in mind.
There is no obligation to purchase and no orders or payments will be accepted in advance. As a bonus, a percentage of the revenue is actually donated right back to your school! To see the full product list for your school, click here.

How do I order?

All orders are completed online through a professional and secure site.

How do I order digital images?

To order digital images for your child, please click on the image that you would like to purchase. In the upper right hand corner, click on the “Buy Photo” button.
You can now see all of the options for purchase.

I purchased the digital files and printed at a different shop/printer. Why do they look different?

Color and light can be a tricky thing in photography.
Every device reads and displays color just a little differently.
This is why the images may look slightly different on your cell phone than they do on a computer.
This is true with printers as well.
My images are calibrated so that I can guarantee that the printer I work with will print them exactly as I see them and with professional paper.
Other printers will “read” the color information in the image just a little differently so they may end up printing lighter or darker or more red or more yellow, etc. I can only guarantee color and quality of prints that have been ordered directly through me for this reason.

How are prints delivered?

Print orders will be delivered to the school approximately 3-4 weeks after the order deadline for easy pickup or distribution.
Please contact your school directly with distribution questions.

Price List

Package A

One set of prints that includes:

  • 2 (5x7)
  • 8 (2.5x3.5) wallets

Single image choice only. 


Package B

One set of prints that includes:

  • 3 (4x6)
  • 2 (5x7)
  • 8 (2.5x3.5) wallets

Single image choice only


Package C

One set of prints that includes: 

  • 2 (5x7) 
  • 1 (8x10) 
  • 8 (2.5x3.5) wallets
  • ALL digital images in album

Single image choice only.



Digital Collections

Single Digital Image - $50

ALL Digitals in album for child - $120


Individual Prints

4x6 - $9

5x7 - $11

8x10 - $16

11x14 - $15 

8 wallets (2.5x3.5) - $15